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Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa Offers Five-Star Facility for Dogs and Cats
Jeff Elkus

When your pets receive the ultimate royal treatment at a facility that outclasses any five-star resort, you know times have changed. The newly opened Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa on Madison Road makes sure your four-legged pet is taken care of better than Hollywood stars on the red carpet before the Grammy’s.

I took a tour of the facilities and was amazed at everything included in a pet’s stay: an indoor and outdoor play area, a flat screen television, a couch and chair to curl up on, a pool for aquatic therapy and exercise and eventually a three-acre park. 

Each room has its own theme hand-painted on the wall to personalize the dog’s space. During the tour, I felt I would like to be a dog living in such a pristine facility.  In addition, Red Dog has a certified professional staff that is proficient in pet CPR and first-aid, as well as the only facility in Cincinnati to offer 24-hour care seven days a week.  Day care is also offered for pet owners who have to go to work.

The cost to board your dog at Red Dog is between $24 and $48 dollars per night depending on the type of ameninities you choose.  For cats, the price is $16 to $50 dollars a night. 

“What I have learned through my healthcare experience is provide the best and people will come because they care about their loved ones,” said owner Ray Schneider.  “In the healthcare industry, it was their parents and in the animal world it’s their best friend—their unconditional love.” 

Schneider has always been in the service industry and says he always looks at what you can do for others.  In this case, Schneider realized that pets deserve to be treated with care.  He saw how stressful it was for people to drop-off their beloved pet.  So, Schneider decided to travel the country to see what other pet facilities offered and saw the need for a five-star operation to service pets in Cincinnati.

“I would like to see that we can educate people as they come in the door to let them know that the boarding industry has changed.  It’s more along the line of making sure that the people that are taking care of your friends are certified,” said Sylvia Eberlei, Director of Operations at Red Dog.

Schneider sees the pet owner as having similar concerns as senior citizens because they haven’t really planned out what they are going to do with their pet and have just as many needs.  In other words, Schneider recognized that these individuals needed someone who had the resources to help satisfy their pet concerns.

Eberlei has 30 years of experience in the pet industry and has done both massage and aquatics and has worked in a veterinarian clinic.  She was living in Seattle a few months ago and put her resume online, which was when Schneider contacted her.  She was happy with his thoughts about where the industry was headed and took the job at Red Dog.

Eberlei says what impressed her the most was that Schneider, “was actually building something for not just the backyard boarding kennel, but it was actually something that was on the upper scale end of it—really getting people to be certified.”

Surprisingly, 63 percent of all American households have a pet and Schneider has built a place that values the five senses because that is how we buy things as human beings.  The goal is to make a good impression on pet owners so they won’t have to worry about what goes on behind the scenes. 

Although the price of Red Dog is a few dollars more than any boarding facility in Cincinnati, the peace of mind that it brings a pet owner is priceless.  I wish the last resort I visited had half the amenities of Red Dog.  One can only hope.  

For more information or to tour the facility, visit or call 513-733-3647.